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Rash of Fake Users

We have recently been experiencing a rash of new users that are not real. I can’t imagine what purpose fake accounts on someone’s blog could possibly serve, but I’ve had to delete over 100 users. If you are real and had a real account with us, it may have been deleted by accident. If that’s the case, I apologize for any inconvenience. I’m looking into a solution to prevent this in the future (i.e. email verification).

Presenting Big Fat Meanie Head!!

Big Fat Meanie Head

So this is finally the Big Fat Meanie Head site that you’ve been waiting for. Big Fat Meanie Head is the business that owns the Psychlist: Subversive Cycling and  Eleven Moto Gear product lines. The stuff that we make and do that doesn’t neatly fit into either of those product lines will be posted here. For now, this will primarily be the embroidery part and general upholstery parts of our business.